Obama Uses Connecticut Speech to Tee Up Gun Control Fight...


President Obama used an appearance in Newtown, Connecticut Sunday night to launch what is likely to be a major Democratic-led effort to limit gun rights.

Instead of using the remarks to comfort a grieving nation, Obama decided the widely seen appearance was a better forum for beginning a new anti-gun campaign that he believes will help reduce the chances for killings with firearms.

Anticipating the arguments of pro-Second Amendment advocates who will fight him, Obama suggested the amendment’s rationale that an armed citizenry guarantees freedom is outweighed by what he sees as a cost in lives, and that limits on gun rights are worth it even if it only helps a little.

But during the last five years, while gun sales have risen dramatically, violent crime has steadily decreased, according to the FBI.

In a tactic that was honed to perfection by the Clinton administration to press for all kinds of new federal programs and regulations, Obama signalled that the coming crusade for stronger gun control measures will be framed as a way to help children.

The effort will put opponents of Obama’s agenda in the awkward position of seeming to be in opposition to children as well.

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TWITTER: Users Now Calling For The Killing Of Gun Owners!