MSNBC Ratings Freefall Continues, April Ratings Lowest In Seven Years…

Via NY Times:

April proved a cruel month for MSNBC, with the news channel hitting some of its lowest ratings in seven years, and its prominent morning show, “Morning Joe,” falling to third place in the cable news competition.

It was the second straight month that the new morning show on CNN, “New Day,” topped the long-running “Morning Joe” among the viewers that determine advertising dollars for news programming, finishing second for the month. The Fox News entry, “Fox and Friends,” as always, dominated the morning cable news ratings both among total viewers and those ages 25 through 54, the group that is the basis for news advertising.

The slide in ratings for MSNBC has clearly been tied to the lingering increase CNN is experiencing from its marathon coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner. Though CNN has backed off its blanket coverage, it still reports on the story virtually every hour. Some programs continue to be split about 50/50 between it and other news.

But since March 13, when the CNN plane coverage was ratcheting up, “Morning Joe,” which has generally enjoyed wide attention in New York-based media, has found itself consistently behind the 10-month-old “New Day” on CNN. From that date, through last Friday “New Day” won 25 days to eight for “Morning Joe.” (Though, in perhaps a sign that the momentum may be shifting back, “Joe” beat “New Day” easily on the last recorded day, April 25.)

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