More unanswered questions: who is Danny, alleged carjacking victim of Boston Bombers?



(Defend Our Freedoms Foundation) -- There are more unanswered questions about Danny, an alleged car jacking victim.

When one speaks the truth, there is one story, when one is lying, he comes up with different stories.

Originally story of the carjacking victim was that Tzarnaevs simply let him go and they bragged to him about being the bombers. I wrote an article stating that the whole story does not make sense. why would people, who had no qualms about murdering little children in the crown simply let this man go, so he would call the police. Why would they carjack his car to escape and just brag about being the bombers.

After I wrote the article suddenly a new account appeared. according to the new account while the older Tzarnaev went to the gas station and the younger was filling the gasoline, the victim escaped.

Next day a third version appeared, where the victim escaped when Tzarnaev got distracted with the GPS. What is interesting that according to the new version Tzarnaevs didn’t really brag about the bombing, but they spoke between them in Russian and the man understood what they said.

Another interesting detail is that this man is Chinese.

Here is my question: how many Chinese man do you know, who speak fluent Russian? Keep in mind, this is not like someone Portuguese understanding Spanish, which is a similar language. Russian and Chinese are completely different languages.

So, did the police ask this carjacking victim Danny: why are you telling us three different stories, what is going on here?

Dis the police ask him: how do you know Russian? Did you go to Russia, did you live there? Did you live in Chechnya? did you live in Dagestan?

Also, keep in mind that Dagestan and Chechnya is very close to Asian republics where people look oriental. In Chechnya and Dagestan the population looks middle Eastern, and they look like they are Persian or Turkish or Syrians. In Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kirghistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan population looks oriental. These are descendants of Tatars and Mongols and they look like Chinese. Id this man , Danny, Chinese or is he someone who came from one of those former Soviet Republics.

If he is Chinese, ask him, where did he study Russian?

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