Militant Group Threatens “War” in Response to Ferguson Verdict

(by Paul Joseph Watson) -- A militant group that previously offered a cash reward for locating Officer Darren Wilson is threatening to launch “war” on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri if Wilson is acquitted later today.

RbG Black Rebels – a group which describes itself as an “urban militia” – posted a tweet which threatens to activate “war plans” in response to the verdict.

A separate tweet suggests that the group is prepared to go to any lengths to express its fury at the verdict should Wilson walk free.

The group hit the headlines last week when it offered a $5,000 cash reward for information leading to the location of Officer Wilson. “We just wana get his photo an ask him a few questions,” stated the tweet, with the organization insisting it was not putting a bounty on Wilson’s head.

However, in a separate tweet, the group explained that ammunition “will solve a lot of problems.”

Meanwhile, some protesters in Ferguson are threatening to rape and murder the wives and children of police officers in Ferguson.

The announcement of the Grand Jury’s decision on whether to indict Wilson is expected imminently. 

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