Michelle Obama Blasts America For Still Being A Sexist Society…

(Weasel Zippers) -- Then again, this is the same woman who had never been proud of this country until her husband was on the verge of being elected president.

Via Weekly Standard:

First Lady Michelle Obama created buzz with her remark at the recent Summit of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders that “the blood of Africa runs through my veins.” But later in her speech, she had some observations about the country of her birth as well. Mrs. Obama cited the progress made by and for women in the United States, particularly over the last century [...]

However, in spite of the advances, the first lady said that the United States has not achieved “anywhere near full” equality for women in a number of areas:

“Now, are we anywhere near full economic, political, and domestic equality in the United States? Absolutely not. We still struggle every day with serious issues like violence against women, unequal pay. Women are still woefully underrepresented in our government and in the senior ranks of our corporations.”

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