Miami Police Bring In Horses, Batons, Plan Riot Formations For Possible Violence After Zimmerman Verdict…

MIAMI (CBS4) – Wednesday, around high noon, dozens of Miami Police officers lined up for riot training.

Armed with batons and horses, officers ran through various formations preparing for the worst.

“It’s a mandatory training.  All these officers are given this equipment and it’s in the event we have civil unrest at any given moment our officers are ready on a minute’s notice,” Miami Police spokesman Freddie Cruz said.

Ironic that is happening the same week a verdict in the controversial George Zimmerman trial could come down, a verdict that could incite civil unrest.

“This is just purely coincidence and it is mandatory training we have to do every year.” Cruz reassured.

Miami’s police union believes almost too coincidental.

“It’s very coincidental that it’s falling at this time.” Javier Ortiz with the Fraternal Order of Police said.

The union president said he hadn’t heard about the training until a few weeks ago.

“We haven’t had the training since 2011 so I don’t know if it really considered routine.”

The training, happening for weeks, will wrap up this week.

“There has been some talk among the officers that we believe that this training has to do with the fact that there might be some type of civil unrest, but we are hoping that that doesn’t happen,” Ortiz said. Read more via CBS4...


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