Mexico Condemns Texas Gov. Rick Perry For “Irresponsible” Deployment Of National Guard Troops To Border…

(ZIP) -- Easy to say when your country isn’t the one being invaded.

Mexico condemns the use of border security for political reasons as irresponsible

The Government of Mexico deeply rejects and condemns the deployment of troops from the Texas National Guard to the border, announced today by the office of the governor of that state, Rick Perry.

Mexico underscores that it is irresponsible to manipulate border security for political reasons. We insist that the phenomenon of migration should be managed from a holistic and regional perspective through a medium term vision with shared responsibility which guarantees peace, inclusion and prosperity in the region.

The unilateral measure taken by the government of Texas is undoubtedly mistaken and does not contribute to the efforts in which our two countries are engaged to build a safe border and create a solution to the phenomenon of migration. The measure will not lead to greater understanding between our societies, and it stands in opposition to the values and principles by which Mexico and the United States govern our bilateral relationship.

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