Mainstream News Groups Perplexed By Motive Behind Bombings: IT'S THE JIHAD, STUPID!



Many in the mainstream media are mystified, unable to pin down a possible motive behind the Boston bombings despite a wealth of information that strongly suggests the suspects had ties to radical Islam.

For example, it was discovered early Friday that one suspect had a playlist on YouTube titled “Terrorist” and another called “Islam.” He also subscribed to a channel called “Allah is the One.”

The two suspects are immigrant brothers from the Russian republic of Chechnya. The playlist belonged to 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed overnight in a shootout with police in the Boston area. Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19, was taken into custody late Friday evening.

The older brother’s playlist also included “The Emergence of Prophecy: The Black Flags From Khorasan,” described as ”a key part of jihadist mythology: That one of the most significant battles fought against the ‘infidels’ will take place in the Khorasan, a geographic area that includes parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan” and has been increasingly mentioned in al-Qaida propaganda.

Politico posted an article titled, “Bombing motive: Far from obvious,” in which authors Josh Gerstein and Jennifer Epstein asked, “[W]hy would two Chechen refugees harbor such anger toward the United States that they’d want to carry out a terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon?”

They then declared, “The answer is far from obvious” because of disagreements between Russia and the U.S. and because of American condemnation of Russian human rights abuses, including those in Chechnya. Continue reading via WND...

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