Media, Including HuffPo, TPM, Appear To Deliberately Leave Out The Muslim Connection In The Stories About Beheading In Oklahoma….

(Weasel Zippers) -- We reported earlier on the story of the beheading in Oklahoma by Alton Nolen, a Muslim convert who was trying to convert other workers at Vaughn Foods to Islam. He beheaded one woman and was stabbing another one before he was shot by the chief operating officer of the company.

All the local stories from Oklahoma are full of the fact that he was a Muslim convert trying to convert others at the company. Fox picked it up as did CNN.
It’s in the original AP story.

Yet, some of the other MSM seems to be missing on the subject including Newsday ,Talking Points Memo and the Huffington Post.

TPM actually has every aspect of the AP story except the Muslim connection, which means they deliberately left it out while emphasizing that he was fired.

HuffPo is perhaps the most egregious in the missing info department. Here is theHuffPo story on motivation:

While the motive for the beheading is currently unclear, the Associate Press reported that the suspects and the victims only knew each other through work and were not involved outside of their jobs…Lewis [police sergeant] said his department has asked the FBI to look into Nolen’s background.

Nowhere in the HuffPo story is there anything about the Muslim aspect of the story. This is interesting because they refer to the CNN story which includes the information about Islam. In other words, they read the CNN account with the information, but did not include it.

They also report it being referred to the FBI but do not report why, which is because of the religious, or Muslim relation. Otherwise, there is no reason to refer to the FBI a gruesome murder, which is ordinarily just a state crime.

They had originally left out the information about the suspect being fired, but included that around 1:00 pm in an update. But they still have not updated with the Muslim connection.

We don’t know how much this entered into the suspect’s motivation at this point, but we do know this is an element that needs to be reported and investigated, particularly given the promise of “lone wolf” killers being sent against us.

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