Media fail to disclose NYC 'protesters' professional organizers

(by Aaron Klein, WND) -- Professional leftist organizers apparently are attempting to pass themselves off as ordinary protesters angry over a grand jury decision not to indict a white New York City police officer for killing an unarmed black male in Staten Island.

An article by FoxNews.com quotes by name two alleged citizen protesters involved in the various demonstrations that have gripped New York City over the past few days. In turns out both “protesters,” the only participants quoted by name in the article, are members of the professional organizing left.

The protests center on the death of Eric Garner, who died when a police officer put him in a neck hold while resisting arrest.

The FoxNews.com article quotes Ashley Coneys, 25, a self-described “person of color” who said she lives several neighborhoods from where Garner was killed.

“If officers never have to account for killing people of color, where’s the justice?” she told FoxNews.com. “Police are supposed to make us feel safe, but we don’t have a relationship where we feel safe.”

Coneys apparently did not mention to FoxNews.com that she is not simply an ordinary protester who lived near Garner.

WND found a LinkedIn.com resume for an Ashley Coneys of Staten Island that describes her as the program organizer at the Police Reform Organizing Project and a program associate at the Urban Justice Center in New York.

The Urban Justice Center is funded by numerous lefitist nonprofits, including George Soros’ Open Society, the JEHT Foundation and the Public Welfare Foundation.

Meanwhile, the second “protester” quoted in the FoxNews.com article is Nadya Stevens.

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