CNN: Trayvon Martin Was Found GUILTY OF Aggravated Assault...

CNN: Trayvon Martin Was Found GUILTY OF Aggravated Assault...



Here is something interesting that was discussed on CNN's Headline News the night of Saturday, July 13, 2013 (Still trying to locate video scrubbed by Google and CNN):

There really WAS a guilty verdict... Trayvon Martin is GUILTY of Aggravated Assault... As self-defense IS justifiable homicide...

So, let's break this down: 

There were actually two verdicts in the courtroom - 1 direct, and 1 implicitly implied.

#1 - George Zimmerman not guilty.

#2 - Trayvon Martin guilty of aggravated assault & battery with intent to kill or maim.

When the jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter, they simultaneously found Trayvon Martin guilty of aggravated assault. CNN's Headline News stated that not only was the not guilty verdict read, but Trayvon was also convicted of aggravated assault due to Zimmerman proving his "self defense" case. 

Zimmerman's acquittal indicates that he was justified in fearing for his life and using deadly force, and the obvious implication is that Trayvon Martin gave George Zimmerman reason to fear for his life.

 The lawyer on the Legal Panel said Trayvon was convicted of aggravated assault and if he had survived he would have been sentenced for that. She added that that was going to help Zimmerman in his immunity options should there be a civil suit.


Transcript of Vinnie Politan and the Legal Panel on Headline News / Saturday, July 13, 2013

00:06:14>> Vinnie, speaking of insult to injury, there were two verdicts read today.

00:06:17>> There was a verdict finding george zimmerman not guilty of manslaughter, and murder in the second delegate.

00:06:25>> But there was also a verdict finding trayvon martin guilty of aggravated assault.

00:06:29>> If trayvon had survived that shooting, would he have been held accountable for initiating the confrontation with george zimmerman?

00:06:36>> And that adds insult to injury in this double verdict.

00:06:39>> Self-defense is justifiable homicide.

For George Zimmerman to be "not guilty"—for his "self defense" to be valid, he had to be defending himself from an assault/attack that is most assuredly defined under the law as "assault & battery with intent to maim or kill."

Otherwise, there is no self defense. Trayvon Martin was most certainly guilty of this attack, thus allowing George Zimmerman to use "self defense" as a legal excuse to killing, and the jury proved it by returning the proper verdict.


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