Mark Levin Rants Against “Blithering Idiot” Melissa Harris-Perry For Her MSNBC Ad “Straight Out Of Communist Manifesto”…



(Mediaite) - Another day, another segment in which conservative radio host Mark Levin goes after an MSNBC host for their on-air remarks. On Tuesday, it was “pathetic” Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough for his comments about the NRA; and last night it was Melissa Harris-Perry for her controversial MSNBC ad claiming we should move beyond the notion that children solely belong to their parents, and not the greater community.

During a seven-minute monologue on Harris-Perry’s ad, Levin called the weekend host a “blithering idiot” and suggested she pulled her ideas straight from The Communist Manifesto.

“Because Marx and Engels… even say,” Levin paraphrased, “You criticize us for wanting to dismantle the family, but what is the family but a bourgeois construct — a construct based on history, based on prior events. We intend to destroy the entire society, they wrote — all of its manifestations, including the family unit.”

“The most horrific regimes ever established all over the world” have followed the logic put forth in her MSNBC ad, Levin asserted.

Ultimately, he concluded, Harris-Perry is “rejecting the basis for western civilization” and “the Enlightenment,” and instead promoting “misery.”

Listen below:

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