Man Found Dead, Ear Missing, Throat Cut - TX Cops Say 'Overdose'


(by Memphis Rap) -- The mysterious story of the death of a Texas man named Alfred Wright is making headlines after details of his death emerged.

Wright, a 28 year-old physical therapist, a father of three and husband reportedly had been on his way to see one of his patients when his vehicle – a pick-up truck – broke down in Sabine County, Texas.

Reportedly, Wright talked to his wife Lauren who alerted his parents, who went to help. Upon calling her husband back, Lauren heard heavy breathing – and that was all.

Growing frantic, she sent multiple texts for her husband to call her back with no reply.

When the parents showed up, only Alfred Wright’s pick-up truck was there and there was no sign of Wright.

Apparently, a store clerk claims Alfred Wright ran off “on his own free will” after talking on his cellphone.

Why Alfred Wright would run off knowing help was on the way raises questions.

It was 18 days after Wright went missing on November 7, 2013 when he was found dead just days after Thanksgiving in Sabine County, Texas.

Wright was apparently found in the same location that police stated that they had already searched for Wright when the father and son of a pastor was discovered.

Just 4 days into looking for Wright, whom Lauren claims was “a man of great faith,” police cut off their search for Wright claiming their resources were exhausted.

Alfred Wright was listed as a missing person and his case was mentioned as possibly drug related.

Wright was found by volunteers and his father with his clothes stripped down to his boxer shorts and sneakers with his cellphone tucked in one sock.

Wright was missing an ear, his throat was cut, but still, November 26, 2013, police forensics ruled his death “accidental” by multiple “drug intoxication.” Read the full article voa Memphis Rap...

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