Man EXPLODES at Obama: You’re the Antichrist, You’ll be destroyed

(WND) -- A heckler blasted Barack Obama during the president’s speech in Los Angeles this week, calling him the “anti-Christ” and warning him that he would be “destroyed,” before being ushered out by a police officer.

When Obama got up to speak, the man, wearing a blue shirt and standing at the front of an otherwise Obama-adoring crowd, shouted: “Jesus Christ created the heaven and the earth. … You are the anti-Christ. You are the anti-Christ. … You will be destroyed. You will be destroyed.’

Amid a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd, with several people shaking their heads, the man continued shouting as an officer came and took his arm and led him away.

Obama waited until the interruption was over then told the crowd at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College: “I’ve actually met that guy before. … A couple years ago, and he had the same line. He needs to update his material.”

The heckler appeared to make no move toward the president, satisfied simply to shout, and Secret Service agents did not take any action.


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