Lockdown after plot to kill the Queen today foiled by police...

 A plot to kill the Queen today at the Royal Albert Hall has been foiled by police.

A plot to kill the Queen today at the Royal Albert Hall has been foiled by police.

(Stuff.co.nz) -- New Zealand MP Maggie Barry has not been put off official duties in London by an uncovered plot to kill the Queen.

The plan to stab Queen Elizabeth was foiled by British police, who arrested four Islamic terror suspects.

The suspects were allegedly planning to stab the 88-year-old monarch to death at the Royal Albert Hall, The Sun reported.

National MP Barry, who is in London, said she was undeterred from representing the Government at the wreath laying ceremony.

"I think in London, at the heart of the Royal Family, they are very aware of security threats, and they always have been."

Security was tight in central London, Barry said.

The Queen had been due to attend the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Hall today and both she and UK Prime Minister David Cameron had been informed of the threat, the paper said.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key had no comment on the incident, with a spokesman saying the Prime Minister did not have enough information about the alleged conspiracy and was not in a position to comment.

New Zealand's Security Intelligence Service (SIS) would not be drawn on whether the alleged plot had influenced the domestic threat level but an SIS spokesman said the Combined Threat Assessment Group took into account world events as well as the domestic situation, and the threat level was under continuous review. 

Since Thursday night (local time) armed British police had raided several homes in West London and Buckinghamshire, arresting men between the ages of 19 and 27.

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