[Listen] Mark Levin – Phony Ferguson White House Meeting Was A Promotion of Leftist Agenda


(by Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) --Mark Levin isn’t buying the claims of the regime that the meetings today between Obama, Holder, Biden and a cadre of thug agitators from across the country was about racist cops. He asks, “How come Obama didn’t have a meeting in the White House today about black on black crime?”

He asks, “Or how about black unemployment, particularly in the inner cities?” Levin has the answer. He says, “Well you see, his party controls the inner cities and these neighborhoods, can’t have a meeting on that. His policies have created widespread unemployment, desperate economic conditions in the inner cities, many black communities.”

Levin wonders, “Or why didn’t he have a discussion today about rotten schools in black communities and minority communities? I’ll tell you why, “says Levin, “Because he doesn’t want to fix them. He doesn’t believe in school choice, in vouchers and credits and opportunities.  He’s bought and paid for by the national education association. They just give too much money and have too many members on Election Day. They’re too important.”

He continues, “So he’ll do nothing about black on black crime which is hideous. He’ll do nothing about black unemployment which is unconscionably high; he’ll do nothing about rotting schools in black communities.”

He also discusses the judgment of many observers that the Ferguson Police Department needs to be more in line race-wise with the community. When he hears this kind of talk, he wonders where the elitists Holder and Obama live and who they socialize with, pointing to their hypocrisy.

He notes how once again the nation is focused on another leftist agenda item, that of “racist cops.” We can be lectured to by the elite socialists about that as well as white guilt for the situation. Levin notes how Obama has been ‘president’ for six years, so he is the one that should be held to task for the important issues. Instead, he’s allowed to substitute this theater for a discussion of substance.

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