Limbaugh: 'Smoke and Mirrors' Obama Admin 'Not Qualified to Do Anything'

FOX News Insider:

Rush Limbaugh went “On The Record” tonight, where he discussed the VA scandal and health care in the country.

Limbaugh said that VA problems could likely be chronicled since the beginning of the VA. He said VA operations should be farmed out in part or entirely to the private sector.

“If you want to know where we’re headed as a country with health care, take a look at the VA because this is the course that’s been charted if we don’t change it,” he said.

Limbaugh also pointed out that when President Barack Obama was selling ObamaCare, he accused doctors of doing unnecessary surgeries to line their pockets. Now, Limbaugh said the same thing is happening within the VA.

“We had bureaucrats working at the VA who massaged waiting lists and ran people through waiting lists who had not been treated all so that they could receive a bonus,” he said.

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