Rep. Barbara Lee: Tea Party Caucus “Came Here To Dismantle Government”…



Rep. Barbara Lee (D., Calif.) attacked Republican members in Congress, claiming they came to ‘dismantle government’.  She said that a moderate Democrats would not be as obstructionist.

CHRIS HAYES: In certain ways the House Republican caucus, your colleagues is the most conservative part of any major party we have seen in a very long time more conservative than George W. Bush. Is that how you understand the trajectory since then?

BARBARA LEE: Yes indeed. There is no way I can say I have ever seen a more conservative Congress. I’ve been here now 15 years. I am telling you, when we have an economy now with double-digit unemployment for example in the African-American community and latino community, not to be able to even bring up a jobs bill, a bill to create jobs to reduce unemployment, we can’t even get this Congress to talk about and move forward to create jobs. I don’t believe a more moderate Congress, more moderate Democratic caucus would be obstructionist as these Tea Party are. This is serious. they’re dug in. I think they came here to dismantle government, to –


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