Liberal Bob Beckel Explodes, Gets Bleeped During Fiery Response to ‘Unbelievable’ Obama Comment

(by Jason Howerton, TheBlaze) -- Bob Beckel, the only liberal co-host of “The Five,” was bleeped in the middle of a fiery rant on Tuesday. He was responding to some of his co-hosts, who argued that President Barack Obama puts political correctness above national security.

While co-host Greg Gutfeld said Obama “unintentionally” makes the country less safe, Dana Perino and Andrea Tantaros suggested the president’s “decision not to act” on certain national security issues makes it “intentional.”

“An intentional act to put political correctness above the safety of Americans — remember you said that, OK?” Beckel said. “Remember everybody at this table who said that… That is an unbelievable comment!”

Beckel’s audio was then muted for roughly 7 seconds. It wasn’t immediately clear what he actually said during that time. Beckel is notorious for letting some unsavory language slip on the air.

Watch the clip via Fox News:

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