Lib Media Cheers Russell Brand’s Racist Attack on Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro

Salon: “Surprisingly refreshing”

Alternet: “Brilliant”

Wealthy white leftist British comedian Russell Brand has attacked another American for not thinking as he thinks African-Americans should think. Last summer Brand went on a racist tear against author Jason Riley, who is African-American. This past week Brand went after Judge Jeanine Pirro, who is not. Pirro is a “100 percent Lebanese” woman who was born and raised in America.

In an 8:42 YouTube video installment of his ‘The Trews’ commentaries posted January 13, 2015, Brand went after Pirro for statements on Fox News last Saturday calling for killing terrorists in the wake of the terror attacks in France and for Pirro telling Muslims it was up to “them” to clean out the terrorists in their midst.

At 1:35 in the video Brand says of Pirro:

“Can you not shout, ‘Them?’ Look she’s at least a bit African-American, isn’t she? Do you not recognize that language? Do you not recognize that intonation?”

In Brand’s racist world if one has dark skin and full lips one must be ‘at least a bit African-American.’

Salon assistant editor Sarah Gray praised Brand’s racist attack as refreshing:

“Russell Brand unleashed an earful in the direction of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and those who are spewing hateful speech in the wake of the attacks in Paris. (Rather than sounding slightly unhinged, or even pedantic, the rant was surprisingly refreshing.)

“In an episode of Russell Brand’s “The Trews,” posted online this week, the comedian was baffled by comments made by Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro — especially when she advocated for violence. In the video below, he attempts to dissect Pirro’s comments, look deeper into potential motives, and most importantly makes a much-needed call for peace and tolerance. Watch below via “The Trews“:”

Alternet’s Assistant Managing Editor Janet Allon called Brand’s racist attack on Pirro, “Brilliant.”

“WATCH: Russell Brand’s Brilliant Takedown of Toxic Fox News Rant in Wake of Hebdo”

“Russell Brand rather brilliantly dissects Pirro’s hate-rant in a new YouTube video for his news channel, “The Trews.”

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