Lawsuit: College Used Strippers As Recruiters

(The Daily Caller) -- It’s a well-known maxim in advertising that “sex sells,” and according to the federal government, one for-profit college in Florida took that lesson to heart. In a new lawsuit, now-defunct FastTrain College in Florida is accused of hiring strippers as admissions representatives in order to draw students to its classes.

The allegation comes after the federal government and Florida’s attorney general filed a civil lawsuit against FastTrain. The school once operated seven campuses across the state of Florida, but abruptly closed its doors in 2012 after being raided by the FBI. Last October, an indictment was announced against owner Alejandro Amor and three admissions officers, accusing them of forging documents and encouraging students to lie in order to bilk the government out of student loan funds.

Now, the civil lawsuit adds new allegations that take what was already a lurid case in an increasingly bizarre direction.

According to the lawsuit, FastTrain hired “attractive women and sometimes exotic dancers and encouraged them to dress provocatively while they recruited young men in neighborhoods to attend FastTrain.” This wasn’t simply a matter of aesthetics, the government says, but part of a concerted effort to conceal material information about the school from potential students.

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