Laura Ingraham: Put a Body Camera on Obama


(Western Center for Journalism) -- Talk radio host Laura Ingraham made a guest appearance on Tuesday’s Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel to comment on the White House Cabinet meeting that is pushing a three-year, $263 million program to expand training and resources for police departments.  The proposed Body Worn Camera Partnership would include a $75 million fund to purchase 50,000 body cameras to record police on the job.

There is nothing that ever happens in the country that the president doesn’t believe can be fixed with the spending of more money and getting America deeper into debt.  And indeed, when you see the 263 million dollars that he’s proposing.  I mean, I guess we can just find that money somewhere, I don’t know.  We never talk about where we’re getting the money.

Ms. Ingraham went on to say that she liked the idea for body cameras on police officers because it would have vindicated Officer Darren Wilson in his self-defense shooting of Michael Brown last August.  She went on to suggest another use of body-cam technology:

Maybe, why not, put a body-cam on the president.  Because, I, and I know a lot of people would like to know this:  How much time does he actually spend during the day on the U.S. economy.  I’m talking about jobs, opportunity for people, expanding economic opportunity, and running the government versus doing the community organizing around the table.  That body-cam would be fascinating.  So, I’m all in favor of spending money on that body-cam.

It was suggested that the Golf Channel could manage all the president’s video footage.

On Black Friday, the national debt reached $18 trillion for the first time. On January 21, 2009, the U.S. debt was about $10.625 trillion when President Barack Obama took office.

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