ALERT -- Russia Calls Up All Reservists, Puts ICBMs on Combat Status (Video)

via Zerohedge

Perhaps it is a coincidence that a day before John Kerry’s arrival in Kiev (a visit which “coincided” with a 35% devaluation of the local currency) where among other things the US statesman discussed the possibility of official (as opposed to unofficial) deliveries of US “lethal support” to the civil war torn and now hyperinflation country, that Russia decided to put its nuclear ICBMs on combat patrol missions in various Russian regions. Specifically, according to Tass, “About 700 units of military equipment, including launchers are deployed in the positioning areas in the Tver, Ivanovo, Kirov, Irkutsk regions, as well as in Altai Territory and the Mari El republic.”


Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on conscription of citizens of the Russian Federation, in reserve, for military training.

According to the document, this year’s military training will be held in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, in the Russian Interior Ministry, as well as in government and protection of the FSB of Russia. They will be held for up to two months.

These are astoundingly scary moves by the Russians. You combine these with the news that China now has pulse weapons and WW3 is looking beyond scary and beyond scifi.  I can’t imagine what it will look like or the damage it will do.  The destruction will be beyond comprehension.  I feel like we get closer everyday now.  Between the economic bad news and the military tensions, all it needs is a connection and a spark and then boom.  

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