Krauthammer: Bergdahl Still In Hospital Suggests 'Witness Tampering' By Obama Officials

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: That's why it looks as if they are trying to make up reasons to justify a presidential decision that was based probably on the desire to begin to empty Gitmo. And secondly, on the traditional idea of trying to get a captive back, there's nothing new there. But the fact they had to come up with a new excuse today that they thought he might be killed. Why would you say that on the fourth day, the fifth day after all this happened. Oh, by the way, you remember there's another reason. It tells you how much they are reaching and how little you can really believe.

The question I have is, what's going on in the hospital where he is in Germany? They obviously want to to give him some privacy. We are getting infinitely less information of out of our own government about his actual health condition, which is the issue they're it leaning on, than we are getting from the Taliban, which is rather interesting from an administration who prides itself on being open and honest and transparent it is.

If it goes on any longer, I think we have to imagine perhaps there might be some witness tampering happening. At some point we're going to have to look at this guy, have him speak to America, have a judgment about how healthy he is or was, and explain exactly what were the circumstances of his leaving service.

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