KKK Fliers Being Distributed In Colorado with the headlines “Help Save Our Race” and “America Wake Up,” along with anti-gay statements...



(CBS4) – An investigation is under way after fliers were found in at least one El Paso County neighborhood asking people to join the Ku Klux Klan.

“They hit about 34 houses,” resident Angie Austin said.

Austin said she’s still afraid.

“It scared me, I let out a scream,” she said.

Austin is a German immigrant in an interracial marriage. Sunday morning she looked out of her window and saw flyers from the KKK in her driveway.

“All I know is they are a bunch of people that run around in hoodies that can’t even look you in the eye. To me, that’s a coward.”

The fliers, wrapped in baggies, were distributed throughout the neighborhood. They show a hooded Klansman with the headlines “Help Save Our Race” and “America Wake Up,” along with anti-gay statements.

Curtis Barker, the imperial wizard of the KKK, spoke to CBS4’s Tom Mustin by phone from North Carolina. He said the fliers are part of a nationwide recruitment drive and business in Colorado is booming.

“Now the summer season is hitting and it’s about time to start doing the rallies with the cross lighting and all that,” Barker told Mustin.

Barker said immigrants are taking over the country and the KKK’s message is clear.

“To tell whites, especially white Americans, that we should start standing up for our race,” he said. Read more via CBS News...

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