Lesbian Cheerleader Violates Order, Sneaks Sex with Teen...



Editor’s note: The following post contains explicit content.

Kaitlyn Hunt, the 19-year-old former cheerleader who was given a new plea deal in the dramatic case surrounding her sexual encounters with a 14-year-old girl, has defied court orders to stay away from the minor, according to an explosive court document.

Image source: WPTV-TV via YouTube

According to the document, filed by prosecutors Aug. 15:

  • Hunt, of Sebastian, Fla., placed an iPod in her former girlfriend’s locker at school in March. Over the next several months, Hunt contacted the minor “almost daily” and more than 20,000 text messages between the two have surfaced.
  • “I’m out of jail on bond,” Hunt texted in May to the underage girl, who has remained unnamed. “I’ll sit in jail until trial starts.” The Hunt warns her: “Keep the f**k quiet.”
  • Another warning from Hunt later in May: “No matter what, if they find out we talked I’m going to jail until trial starts.”
  • And this one four days later from Hunt: “If my mom finds we’re talking I’m blaming it on you.”
  • The state has more than 25 lewd photos of Hunt that she sent to her lover’s iPod, some that show her fully nude and engaging in “sex acts,” as well as videos—one of which depicts Hunt “masturbating…while moaning.”
  • Hunt arranged meetings with the underage girl in which Hunt picked her up and drove her to a remote location where they engaged in “intimate physical contact,” and these meetings took place as recently as two weeks ago.
  • After Hunt discovered her lover had told her parents about their continued relationship., Hunt texted the girl: “F**k you..you’re stupid. You want me to go in jail…You’re such a messed up person…you snitched on me. God only knows what you’ll do when pressed in court. Bye.”
  • In June Hunt texted the girl: “So you aren’t going to lie for me..”
  • Hunt’s mother, Kelley Hunt Smith, tried to help her daughter cover her tracks by texting the underage girl herself: “Delete EVERYTHING…PLEASE delete everything and make sure NO ONE finds out you’ve spoken to Kate at all.”

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