Jimmy Fallon Uses the 2015 Oscars to Make a ‘Racist Republicans’ Joke – But It Backfires Bigtime

(IJReview) -- Jimmy Fallon picked the wrong generic joke to post on Twitter — his factually incorrect statement about race in politics led to plenty of ‘helpful’ tweets educating him over his false assumption.

Al Sharpton has called an “emergency” meeting of his diversity task force, after the Academy Awards failed to nominate any people of color for an Oscar. It was this that led to Jimmy Fallon’s less-than-accurate joke, which read:

The rebuttal hashtag #DemsSoWhite included a picture showing the leading Democrat picks for the White House compared to the leading Republican candidates for President:

White guys like Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are definitely considering a run for the Republican nominee, but other candidates such as Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Bobby Jindal are also in the mix.

The top picks for the Democrat field includes Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren: not a particularly multicultural group.

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