Carney: I Never Told A Lie While Serving As White House Spokesman…


(THE DAILY CALLER) Outgoing White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that he never lied to the media.

“The answer is no,” he answered when The Daily Caller asked him “did you ever lie to us?”

“Honestly, it is not because I’m a paragon of virtue, it is because that would be a terrible way to do the job,” he said at a June 18 breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

“And what you do when you can’t say is you don’t and you take the question or you explain what you can without revealing what you can’t say,” he said.

The White House sometimes can’t reveal information, he said, because of “internal deliberations and national security issues.”

In practice, since he began the job in 2011, Carney has tried to steer assertive reporters away from their difficult questions, often by describing a series of true but subsidiary and harmless information.

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