'It's Time President Obama Personally Answer for' Horrific Abuses at the VA Hospitals ...

(FOX News) -- Republicans are putting the heat on President Obama over the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs over allegedly fatal health care delays, saying he can no longer float above the ever-widening controversy.

"It's time President Obama personally answer for the horrific conditions and abuses occurring at our veterans facilities," House GOP Leader Eric Cantor said in a statement, after VA Secretary Eric Shinseki testified Thursday before a Senate committee.

Lawmakers at that hearing were visibly frustrated over the state of the VA, and the succession of reports that VA workers may have manipulated records to make it seem like veterans were being treated in a timely fashion, when they were not. Further, they voiced concerns that the department is waiting for the results of investigations that may not conclude for weeks, or even months.

The White House has dispatched deputy White House chief of staff Rob Nabors to review VA health care procedures and policies. But critics, including Cantor, say it's time for Obama to get personally involved.

The VA scandal is just one of many facing the Obama administration -- including the botched rollout of the health care law, the response to the Benghazi terror attacks and the IRS targeting of conservative groups -- and Republicans voiced concern that the White House would handle this controversy like the others.

"Time after time, President Obama deflects blame to his hand-picked cabinet secretaries," Cantor said, adding: "Our nation's veterans can't wait on an internal White House staff review for this to be resolved."

A handful of lawmakers and groups have called for Shinseki to resign over the scandal. But Republicans appear to be quickly looking past the head of the VA in favor of applying pressure to the president. 

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