It's Official: Hillary is Campaigning for Obama's Third Term


By: Noah Rothman (HotAir)

There is a reason why it is so difficult for two-term presidents to be succeeded by a member of their party. It has only happened once in the post-war era, and that was largely because George H. W. Bush was seen as the inheritor of a legacy of sustained economic growth and the beating back of Soviet communism.

Democrats have reason to believe that the presidential electorate heavily favors Democratic candidates, but Hillary Clinton’s quest to succeed Barack Obama in the Oval Office is unlikely to be as easy as Bush’s. Despite a belated spate of renewed economic growth, Clinton is vying to replace a president who presided over six years of recession. She will also have to convince the American public that she can prosecute the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria more comprehensively than her predecessor. In short, Clinton will have to draw a number of contrasts between herself and her former boss.

In that effort, Clinton is off to a rocky start. With the announcement that former Clinton White House chief of staff and Obama administration advisor John Podesta is formally joining the Clinton campaign-in-waiting, it is clear that Democrats want the transition from Obama’s White House to Hillary’s White House to be a smooth one.

“In the White House, Mr. Podesta has been among President Barack Obama’s small circle of top advisers, keeping a hand in both foreign and domestic policy and counseling the president on topics including Ebola and immigration,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “He negotiated an agreement with the Chinese government on Mr. Obama’s behalf aimed at reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.”

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