Is The Obama Regime Implementing His Civilian Army Via Holder’s Civil-Rights-Fabricated-Crisis?

by Mara Zebest via Gateway Pundit

An excellent article at National Review touches on a premise that many aren’t talking about enough. The main point of the article is that the war on police is about control (similar to the control of healthcare via Obamacare). This point needs to be expanded upon, so everyone understands that Obama’s vision of a civilian-army may be at the heart of the means-justify-the-ends violence induced by fabricated war-cries of “racism” and “civil-rights” violations.

Think about what Obama asked for in a recent speech? Obama called for cameras on every police officer. On the surface, this sounds like a great idea. Understandably, many would actually agree with the idea of cameras on police officers because it could help protect them from false claims of abuse. But ask yourself another CRUCIAL question: “Why is it up to the FEDERAL GOVT. to mandate this nationally via Federal taxpayer money?”

Possible answer: If OBAMA has complete control of the camera program—wouldn’t he also have complete control of what video footage to release or withhold? This should not be a Federal Government program. To preserve individual rights in this country, the camera issue (or any police policy issue for that matter) NEEDS TO BE DETERMINED LOCALLY at the community level. Now imagine Congress pushing through another 3,000 page bill that no one has read—nationalizing the police force across the country—and we have to pass it to find out what’s in it. The LIV (Low Information Voters) all agree it’s a great idea as it is sold to us as putting cameras on every police officer.

Just keep this flashback Obama campaign promise in mind:


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