Interesting Photo Of The Recent Obama Florida Vacation…

(The Ulsterman Report) -- Check out this photograph taken Sunday as the Obamas and their entourage prepare for departure from the sunny oasis of Florida to head back to the palatial surroundings of the White House.

Note how the president’s right hand is encircled around the First Lady’s left wrist.

Then note the always there presence of Valerie Jarrett, her eyes hidden behind a pair of shades. carrying a heavy bag of something.

Michelle appears to be pulling away from her husband, toward Valerie Jarrett, while Valerie emits the strongest authoritative tone of anyone in the photo.  Is it any wonder so many of the world’s leaders look upon the current American president with such disdain and disregard?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one certainly speaks volumes regarding the relationships within the Obama White House.

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