Interesting: 10 Most Top Secret Documents


Have you ever wondered where all the documents related to major events in the world go to? I am sure that you must have thought a tleast once that all these big agencies like the CIA and the FBI certainly did their whole detective work related to all the major events,  especially those that have an international impact. So where do these documents go? Why is the evidence hidden? Well these secret documents are marked classified and no one therefore has access to them! They are kept secret until the government wishes or for their own benefits as is evident from the following article. Continue reading via ListPhobia...

  1. Kennedy’s Assassination Records
  2. Mark Twain Autobiography
  3. RMS Lancastria Report – UK
  4. French UFO Files
  5. Katyn Massacre Archives from Russia
  6. Identical Twin Studies
  7. 9/11 Investigation
  8. The Chinon Parchment – Vatican City
  9. FBI Surveillance of Martin Luther King
  10. Operation Northwoods


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