In China, Young Mothers Arrested for Bizarre New Form of Prostitution

(by Chris Martin, IJReview) -- Periodically, breastfeeding reemerges in the news when stories spark debate about where it should take place or how long mothers should nurse their infants.

There’s even the question of whether moms should earn money for breast milk. Well, it appears a few young mothers in China took that last premise a step further.

Chinese authorities have broken up a “prostitution” ring, which involved women with nursing infants who breastfed their adult clients in exchange for money.

15 women have been arrested in Beijing and Hubei in connection with the scheme. These “enterprising” women were originally outed by The Beijing News in June.

Services cost as little as 60 yuan (or about $9.64 U.S.) per week. One undercover reporter found a mother who’d breastfeed him for 1000 yuan – or 1500 yuan if sex was included.

(The woman said that she was more likely to earn repeat business if she offered sex along with nursing.)

But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this entire arrangement?

New facts from the South China Morning Post show that:

“Some mothers only breastfed their babies once a day, or even stopped breastfeeding their child, so they could focus on the business.”

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