Holder Describes Hispanics As 'Language Minorities'...



Attorney General Eric Holder said the federal government will work hard to "safeguard the rights of language minorities" during an April 24th speech to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund annual awards dinner.

“Language minority” is the term used in the Voting Rights Act to officially define “people who are of American Indian, Asian American, Alaskan Native or Spanish heritage.”

"Let me be clear:   while this country has indeed changed, and real progress has been made – thanks to groups like MALDEF and many others – we are not yet at a point where the most vital part of the Voting Rights Act can be described as unnecessary or a product of a flawed political process.   That’s why today’s Justice Department has vigorously defended Section 5 as an indispensable tool for eradicating discriminatory election practices.   It’s why MALDEF has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us in this effort – filing an amicus brief arguing that Section 5 must be upheld, and working hard to safeguard the rights of language minorities.   And it’s why – no matter the outcome of this important case – my colleagues and I will remain committed to the aggressive and appropriate enforcement of every federal voting and civil rights protection that’s on the books.

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