Here’s a Video Comparison of Obama’s Response to Scandals and Nixon’s Handling of Watergate...



(The Blaze) -- Multiple pundits and journalists — including CBS’ Bob Schieffer — have speculated that President Barack Obama’s response to the multiple scandals currently plaguing his administration has been eerily similar to former President Richard Nixon’s management of Watergate. With that in mind, Revealing Politics sought out to see if the claims were legitimate.

It should be noted that the remarks made by Obama are taken from a few different subjects, including the Benghazi, IRS  and DOJ spying scandals.

However, Revealing Politics does point out one important statement has yet to be made by President Obama:

“In any organization, the man at the top must bear the responsibility. That responsibility, therefore, belongs here in this office. I accept it.”

Watch the video comparison below (Editor’s note: the following footage has been edited):

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