(by Jennifer Kannaby, The College Fix) -- Harvard University’s annual Sex Week observance, which launched Sunday, includes a workshop called “What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101″ that aims to teach the Ivy League students how to have anal sex.

So-called sex experts from a local adult store will lead the Tuesday talk, which seeks to “dispel myths about anal sex and give you insight into why people do it and how to do it well,” the Fall 2014 Harvard Sex Week agenda states.

“They will cover a wide variety of topics, including: anal anatomy and the potential for pleasure for all genders; how to talk about it with a partner; basic preparation and hygiene; lubes, anal toys, and safer sex; anal penetration for beginners, and much more,” the agenda adds. “Learn the facts about this exciting yet often misunderstood form of pleasure, find out the common mistakes people make, and get all your questions answered.”

Student organizers of Harvard Sex Week did not respond to emails over the weekend from The College Fix seeking comment about the appropriateness and academic value of the event. University officials could not be reached Sunday for comment.

In addition to the anal sex workshop, other planned activities, according to the agenda, include “Brown Girlz Do it Well: a Queer Diaspora Remix,” a workshop that will “situate our personal narratives within broader systems of racism, casteism, classism, islamophobia, and imperialism.” Sex Ed 101 promises to teach students the ins and outs of safer sex, including the proper use of dental dams. “Losing Your (Concept of) Virginity” will question whether virginity matters. And “Fifty Shades of False: Kink, Fantasy, and Fetish” is expected to delve into how the bestselling book apparently got BDSM all wrong.

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