HACKERS THREATEN AMERICA'S EMERGENCY WARNING SYSTEM -- Critical transmissions from television, radio stations could be 'false'...


(WND) -- The nation’s Emergency Alerting System, or EAS, could be hacked by terrorists or nations planning an attack on the United States, and that could leave citizens without the ability to receive emergency information – or being told information that is wrong, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The EAS system is supposed to give off rapid alerts in the event of a national emergency. However, an attacker remotely could disrupt either television or especially emergency radio stations that need to transmit emergency information. The attackers also could introduce false information into the system, raising the prospect of chaos in an already catastrophic emergency.

The EAS allows the president of the United States to speak to the nation within 10 minutes of a disaster’s occurrence. Before the EAS went into effect in November 2011, radio and TV stations were notified by AP and UPI wire services.

The security specialist, IOActive, Inc. found the vulnerabilities in the digital alerting systems, or DASDEC, application servers. The DASDEC receives and authenticates EAS messages.

According to the company’s analysis, the affected devices are the DASDEC-I and DASDEC-II appliances.

This development could be particularly disruptive in the event of either a natural or manmade electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, event, which could knock out the U.S. national electrical grid system.

Sources say that the EAS is supposed to be able to communicate emergency information even if the already vulnerable national grid and electrical and electronic components are disrupted or destroyed by an EMP event. Continue reading via WND...


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