Gun company displays largest-caliber rifle ever created with bullets that cost $40 each...

 Daily Mail

Daily Mail

If you want to squeeze off a few rounds from a .905-caliber rifle, you’ll need two things: muscles and cash.

An Ohio-based gun company has developed the world’s first .905-caliber rifle that – at .905 – is the highest-caliber rifle in the world.

And with bullets that cost more than $40 a piece, you’ll probably think twice before pulling the trigger.

'It's a little scary,' one user said of the gun in a Youtube video that demonstrates just how powerful the weapon can be.

The rifle is the creation of SSK Industries and is essentially a shoulder-mounted cannon, with rounds that look like mini mortar shells.

The rifle fires rounds about 2,100 feet per second with roughly 254,000 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. The gun also has 2,777 foot-pounds of recoil energy, which essentially makes it as powerful - and has about as much 'kick' - as firing 10 .30-6 rifles at the same time.

 Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Bullet grain - the measurement used to essentially weigh ammunition - for a typical sniper rifle is usually about 200. For the .905-caliber rifle, it can be up to 2,500.

The gun featured in several Youtube videos is one of only three that the gun manufacturer has produced - and is the smallest of the three.

The prototype used in the videos weighs only 50 pounds. The other two weigh about 110 pounds each.

So, if you want to fire a .905-caliber rifle, you might have to drain your bank account - and go to the gym. Read more via The Daily Mail...

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