GRETA: It's Time for Jay Carney to Start Throwing Some WH Senior Officials Under the Bus...




So what about Jay Carney?  What is going on with him?

We all make mistakes.  Is Jay just making mistakes?

We all risk being uninformed.  Is Jay uninformed, being kept out of the loop by others? and deliberately kept out of the loop for strategic reasons?

Or…is Jay shady and cagey?  Is he refusing to tell it to the American people straight until he thinks that perhaps they we might catch some gross conduct on behalf of the Administration?

Here is what is really rotten.  Do you know what Jay Carney is saying today as to why he didn’t ‘fess up’ to this involvement between the White House and Treasury before today? “[Carney] said he didn’t inform reporters about the discussions [between IRS and White House] earlier because he hadn’t been asked “precise” enough questions.” [from Politico]

I guess Jay Carney must feel desperate.  According to that same Politico article, “Carney also compared the continued questions about what the White House did before and after the news of the Inspector General’s probe leaked May 10 to the debunked inquiries about Obama’s birth certificate.”

Why does it matter? Because he has the very important job of being the person communicating with the American people on behalf of President Obama.  If he is getting thrown under the bus, and being set up by others senior to him, I suggest it is time he throw them under the bus – let us know what is going on and why the evolving stories – because his credibility is tarnished.  And if he is not being thrown under the bus, and instead he is up to his eyeballs in being cagey? Read more via GretaWire...

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