ANALYSIS: Big Sis’s Departing Words VERSUS Reality...




 Did you catch the most important word in there, apart from the requisite “privilege of serving Dear Leader”? Let’s see if we can find it.

1. “we worked together to minimize all kinds of threats to the American public”.
-By ordering the release of criminals awaiting deportation
-and Except when ignoring warnings from Russia about Boston Bombers.

2.”implemented smart steps that make our immigration system more fair and focused”
Bingo! You guessed it the most important word-making sure “immigration” is fair. Who for? Why for the people who entered illegally of course. Certainly not for the people who have to deal with the crime or resultant fight over jobs.

3. “while deploying record resources to protect our borders”
This one is truly funny. Translation: We spent a lot. Yes, but what did you actually do for border security? It’s worse than ever.

4. “Worked with states to build resiliency”
I guess I’m too stupid to understand this one. How did Big Sis make a state “more resilient”?

5. “Made emergency and disaster response more robust”
Hurricane Sandy people got left in the dust for a very long time. Donna Van Zant, the lady Obama hugged for photo-op still wainting for that help he promised.

6. “partnered with the private sector to improve our cyber security”
Edward Snowden and massive Chinese spying are just the tip of the iceberg. Our cyber security is incredibly porous and truly in need of help.

But maybe it makes sense that Big Sis is fleeing the ship to California. She likely doesn’t want to be there through the further scandals and prosecutions.


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