Frustrated Mom Vents On Bizarre Common Core Math Question…

(EAG News) -- Some parents have had quite enough of the crazy, convoluted and sometimes error-filled Common Core math worksheets.

Deanne Knight is one of them, and she let her feelings be known.

Her daughter’s worksheet, which came from the New York Department of Education’s EngageNY lesson plan website and was emblazoned with “NY’s Common Core Mathematics Curriculum,” asks students to review a fictitious student’s work and circle the correct mathematical procedure.

The second portion of the lesson has students “fix the student work that was incorrect by making new drawings in the space below.” What follows is a series of long lines and circles – apparently adding up to the desired answer: 25.

Students are then supposed to write “a suggestion for improvement.”

At that point, Knight couldn’t help it. She wrote in large letters on her daughter’s worksheet: “Go back to basic math! – mom’s opinion!”

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