RADCON 4 – Washington DC As Fox News Admits US Government Lied About Fukushima (UPDATE)

Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith says: Radiation from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan has crossed the ocean and has landed close to North America - the gift from Japan that keeps on giving. Radiation from Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant has now reached the waters off North America's west coast - that's the word from the scientists.

(BIN) -- UPDATE: Fox News has admitted in the video below that the US government has told a “fantastical incredible lie” about Fukushima radiation coming to America’s shores as the East Coast gets lit up by radiation including RADCON 4 alerts issued for Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia as shown in the screenshots below. Warning that radiation from Japan is “the gift from Japan that keeps on giving”, Fox anchor Shepard Smith confirms that they knew they were being lied to by the US govt but couldn’t confirm it at the time. In the 2nd video below, Leuren Moret confirms that Fukushima radiation has made Hawaii and the Pacific Islands unsafe for humans.

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