Fighting Back Against The Abusive, Partisan IRS...

 Fox News

Fox News

(Jay Sekulow) -- For Americans across the country, the recent IRS scandal – complete with its tales of ideological targeting, disclosures of confidential information, and highly intrusive questioning – represents nothing short of a nightmare: a highly partisan, powerful, and unaccountable IRS using its immense reach to reward its friends and punish its enemies is antithetical to our democracy.

More importantly, it’s antithetical to our Constitution.

Wednesday, my colleagues and I at the ACLJ filed suit against the IRS and multiple government officials. We represent more than 20 conservative organizations that were targeted by the IRS, and our goals are simple: defend our clients’ constitutional rights and compensate them for the very real harm they’ve suffered.

First and foremost, the IRS violated the Constitution. 

By targeting groups based on their perceived ideology, the IRS violated their First Amendment right to free speech. 

By demanding access to donor lists and other forms of confidential information, including even information about the speech and activities of family members, the IRS violated the right of freedom of association. 

By discriminating against groups on the basis of their viewpoint and status, the IRS violated their Fifth Amendment rights of due process.

The IRS not only violated the Constitution, it violated federal law as well. Our legal complaint outlines how the IRS is accountable under the Administrative Procedures Act, which protects citizens from the unlawful acts of government agencies.  The IRS also violated its own Internal Revenue Code. Continue reading via Fox News...

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