FBI Raids Florida “Prepper” home For Stockpiled Weapons and Explosives, Find Only Food and Five Legal Firearms

Doomsday prepper father accused of plotting to kill federal agents and stockpiling guns and explosives for the 'end of days' ... only for FBI to raid his home and find only food and five legal firearms in safe

Via Daily Mail

Federal agents this week searched the Florida home of a ‘doomsday prepper’ they alleged had stockpiled over 50 high-powered assault rifles and several explosive devices buried around his property as ‘booby traps’.

However the warrant showed up little more than barrels of food.

Martin Winters, a father-of-three from Valrico, surrendered to police on Wednesday following a widespread two-day hunt.

Investigators had claimed the 55-year-old was preparing for ‘an end-of-times event as prophesied by the Book of Revelations’, according toABC News.

According to a federal affidavit, Winters was part of a group called the River Otter Preppers and had a plan to kill government agents ‘if necessary’.

Winters allegedly told an undercover agent he had 50 AR-15 rifles buried on his property and other properties.

The agent also said Winters told him he wanted to burn his house down and then shoot agents as they arrived to the scene, and that he had set up bombs as booby traps.

Winters had been under government surveillance since October, after he was indicted on four counts of building destructive devices.

Winters also said he had at least 40 men that were willing to participate in his ‘last stand’, officials said.

But in federal court on Wednesday, Winters’ defense attorney, Ellis Faught, said the confidential informant’s estimates were wide of the mark.

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