FACEBOOK APPROVES 'JESUS F---ING CHRIST' -- Christian bashers abuse 'like' button to stalk pro-marriage group

Editor’s Note: The following report includes explicit language and links containing statements that may offend some readers.

(WND) -- Just imagine, you have a family friendly Facebook page and are happy for others to join the conversation and interact.

Then someone comes along, creates a Facebook identity using the most filthy language imaginable  – such as “Jesus F—ing Christ. Slut Mary’s Bastard” – and starts posting on your page as “liking” the various items.

Suddenly, children are exposed, adults are hurt and people question your own integrity and values.

Then you learn Facebook has approved the group’s name and refuses to remove its page.

That’s apparently what’s happening to the group called The Center for Marriage Policy, which believes the failure of traditional marriages in the United States “is the primary driver of America’s self-compounding intergenerational socioeconomic and governance problems.”

In short, the group believes in a biblical marriage of one man and one woman, lasting for a lifetime to raise children and being a building block for society.

While that’s not exactly politically correct in light of current society’s enchantment with alternative sexual lifestyles, it’s actually the perspective that most people had in America for the first 200 or so years the country existed. Continue reading via WND...


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