No Joke: Extinct Lizard Named for Obama...


A team of scientists from Yale and Harvard have named an extinct lizard after President Obama.

The Obamadon gracilis – literally “Obama Slender Tooth” – was wiped out 65.5 million years ago when an asteroid struck the edge of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Obamadon likely measured less than a foot and ate insects, according to the Yale News. Its distinguishing feature is its tall, slender teeth, the researchers write.

One of them, Nicholas R. Longrich, a postdoctoral associate with Yale’s Department of Geology and Geophysics, denied any political intent in naming a lizard after Obama.

“We’re just having fun with taxonomy,” he said.

In the illustration above, Obama can be located in lower left hand corner – the blue lizard looking on as a large carnivorous Paleosaniwa stalks a pair of hatchling Edmontosaurus.

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