Ex-CIA Director Rips Obama


AMBASSADOR R. JAMES WOOLSEY, FORMER CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE DIRECTOR: I think the problem is not the intelligence and not the intelligence services, it’s political correctness and the narrative. It’s the political figures that get locked into what they call a narrative. And if something doesn’t fit - the narrative is we’re already won the war against Al-Qaeda – if something doesn’t fit, then they fiddle with the facts in order to make it look okay.
He’s getting the intelligence and the opinions from his staff that he wants. I think that if you, as he was a few years ago, are sitting in a chair next to the Russian prime minister and the microphone is hot and you don’t know it, and you say, “I’ll have more flexibility after I’m re-elected basically to accommodate you Russians” – that’s not a problem of you not getting the right intelligence. That’s a problem of you making up your mind about what you’re going to do then just using public and media to try and sell it to people.

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