EPA: Obama's new legislative branch...

(by Marlo Lewis, Ph.D. via FOX News) -- Will the Environmental Protection Agency resurrect the defunct Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, a 1,428-page behemoth that threatened to slam the brakes on the U.S. economy before it died in the Senate in 2010?

That may seem unbelievable but it’s the likely end game if courts uphold EPA’s draconian carbon “pollution” rules for new and existing fossil-fuel power plants, which are almost fully upon us.  And American democracy will also suffer if EPA goes ahead.

EPA’s carbon rule, proposed last September, would use the existing Clean Air Act to establish a new source performance standard (NSPS)—a limit, in plain English—for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that no commercial coal-fired power plant can possibly meet.


Why should Americans care? Cap-and-trade and the other market-rigging policies have a strong potential to make electricity rates “necessarily skyrocket,” as Obama once said in a moment of candor. High energy costs are a drag on the economy and deeply harm low-income households that already make painful sacrifices to pay utility bills.

Such bureaucratic lawmaking is also toxic to democracy. EPA is acting as if it were a Super Legislature, empowered by Mother Earth to steamroll through gridlock and dictate national energy policy.

EPA will rule unchecked like this until We, the People elect more representatives who honor the separation of powers -- or the ones we have elected draw the line where they should.

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