#Ebola Czar’s top leadership issue: overpopulation (Video)

(by Charles C. Johnson, GotNews) -- Ebola’s ebola czar called overpopulation the top leadership concern of the world, Gotnews.com has learned.

Democratic operative Ron Klain and his wife, Monica Medina, spoke with a Georgetown interviewer in 2008.

“I think the top leadership challenge issue in our world today is how to deal with the continuing, growing population in the world and all the resource demands it places on the world and burgeoning populations in Africa and Asia that lack the resources to have a healthy, happy life,” Klain said.

“We’ve got to find a way to make the world work for everyone,” Klain said. “Climate change is an issue that impacts [sic] that greatly by making it harder for people to live where they live, by causing disruptions, and lack of resources.”

Klain also cautioned America to stay engaged in the world, a view that might color how he deals with America’s ebola response. “I think that the days when Americans could just be focused on America and not really be engaged in the world are past us. Our economies too dependent on events overseas, our political system is dependent on events overseas.”

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